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My driving philosophy or "why" statement is: To provide services, knowledge, products, and expertise to individuals and companies that see leadership as a competitive advantage, envision a cleaner, healthier, more productive world, and have a passion to help others succeed while giving back to the community.

I am delighted to be running three distinct lines of practice that allow me to share my 30+ year career as a military leader, international business executive, and humanitarian with others.

Accordingly, my association with well recognized leadership groups, being at the forefront of a revolutionary green-tech and healthy wine manufacturing proposition, and helping 3rd world post harvest agricultural and water treatment markets allows me to pursue my passion for helping others and for promoting a healthier and more efficient global network of activities.

I invite all those interested in learning more about KHE Advisors, me, and my programs to check out the next pages and the links provided. I look forward to being of any assistance if possible to you and our common interests.

Khe is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project that helps our Nation's Hero's.

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